Paul Austen Associates

Statutory Data

Paul Austen Associates Ltd VAT Registration Number: GB 881442222

The business is registered with the ICO for Data Protection if you require our registration details please contact us or search for our name at

Paul Austen Associates is a trading name and style of Paul Austen Associates Ltd, a company registered in England number: 08964065

Prior to 27th March 2014 Paul Austen Associates was a trading name and style of Austen Consulting Ltd, a company registered in England number: 05644627

Paul Austen Associates Ltd is a member of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) Practice Assurance Scheme.  If you require details of our registration please contact us or find us on the ICAEW website at Find A Chartered Accountant (

All compliance work carried out by Paul Austen Associates Ltd is under our standard terms and conditions of business supplied on this website and at the time of your engagement and updated from time to time.  Any pension work or tax planning is carried out by Austen Administration Ltd and subject to separate terms.

Paul Austen Associates Ltd is associated with the following businesses that may provide some of your services:

Austen Executor & Trustee Ltd – Professional trustee of private trusts

Austen Administration Limited, a company registered in England number: 07892326 – SSAS Pension administration services including pension tax planning and provision of accounts entries to your accountant or practitioner

Paul Austen Associates Ltd itself provides, accounting and compliance (including full bookkeeping and services, preparation of accounts and tax returns from information supplied), and other non reserved legal work including but not restricted to Wills, deeds, powers of attorney, contracts, service and shareholder agreements.

Any services listed above are performed by our related companies and you should check your engagement documents if you are in any doubt.  If you have any questions in this regard please address them to the appropriate company at Riverside, Mountbatten Way, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1DY.